AADU Staff

AADU is currently staffed by Ms. Maria Kristelle R. Malveda, Administrative Officer I, and Ms. Emlyn A. Umali, Administrative Assistant II, who aid in the clerical and logistical needs of the operations and activities of the office. Two Project Development Associates (PDAs) also assist in the operation of AADU in terms of database management, benchmarking, workshops, and promotion of QA and the office. They are Asst. Prof. Reginald Neil C. Recario of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) and Asst. Prof. Katrina Anne E. Blanco of the Department of Humanities, both under the College of Arts and Science (CAS).

NM Cadiz
Nina M. Cadiz, PhD
Professor 12
AADU Director

MKR Malveda
Maria Kristelle R. Malveda
Administrative Officer I

EA Umali
Emlyn A. Umali
Administrative Assistant II

RC Recario
Reginald Neil C. Recario
Assistant Professor 7
Project Development Associate

KAE Blanco
Katrina Anne E. Blanco
Assistant Professor 5
Project Development Associate