AADU Director

AADU Administration

The AADU is headed by a Director who shall be appointed by the Chancellor for a term of three years. S/He shall report to the Chancellor and sit as a member of the UPLB Management Committee and Executive Committee. The Director shall oversee the implementation of QA measures as recommended by the UPLB Academic Assessment and Development Advisory Committee (AADAC).

From 2020 to 2022, AADU is under the leadership of Dr. Nina M. Cadiz, a professor of the Institute of Biological Sciences, ASEAN assessor, and UP Scientist 1. She was also appointed as UPLB’s Quality Assurance Officer (01 November 2020 to 01 January 2023). Previous to her appointment, AADU was headed by Dr. Jezie Acorda, now Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, from 2018 to 2019.

  • Exercises overall control and supervision of all personnel, resources and facilities of AADU
  • Sets QA goals for the short term (3 yrs.), medium term (6 yrs.), and long term (9 yrs.) in coordination with the Chancellor and AADAC
  • Oversees the conduct of QA trainings and other capacity building workshops
  • Enforces strict compliance to university assessments (e.g. iAADS submission) and other QA programs
  • Oversees the development of information systems on QA (e.g. database and documentation)
  • Takes the lead in developing linkages with other QA organizations and networks.

NM Cadiz
Nina M. Cadiz, PhD
Professor 12
AADU Director